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Energy-saving door window becomes the safeguard of comfortable life
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Energy-saving door window becomes the safeguard of comfortable life

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Enter when November, major area already entered our country north entirely heating is seasonal, a of the Beijing before this energy-saving orgnaization that monitor ever was become with infrared ray resembled depicting common civilian conduct a scheme in the heat of heating season curtilage. The place of window of the door in the graph aglow, indoor and much heat energy is permeated from this at house outside, the importance with door energy-saving window sees one spot. In the 3rd when undertake in our country energy-saving reform, raise the target 65%% by 50%% , before be being compared two times boiler, building defends the measure such as structural adjustment, the 3rd when undertake at present energy-saving transform the energy-saving function that pays attention to building ministry to taste more.

According to statistic, in building palisade structure total specific power consumption, 49% what built the specific power consumption of door window to take total specific power consumption, door window regards function of building heat preservation as most weak part, as indoor refrigeration or heating means more and more general, the surface that serves as a building is safeguarded one of, door window affects the energy-saving performance of the building directly. Be based on the main avenue that is safeguard building specific power consumption, how to improve performance of door window heat preservation, how to choose more the energy-saving door window of environmental protection gets even more the attention of people.

As the country energy-saving code comes on stage with what build energy-saving standard, built energy-saving door window to also cause a lot of attention that build a businessman, to can make building dish have an advantage more below competitive environment, subject matter of energy-saving door window became the central issue that businessman, media acclaims. In a lot of buildings dish the Lou Shuzhong that sends when the sale, how many meeting has following statement: The energy-saving door window of the Low-E hollow glass that “ door window uses such-and-such manufacturer to produce; Such-and-such project uses heat insolation to break the ” of energy-saving door window of bridge aluminous profile. However to average consumer character, in how distinguishing this again to in how distinguishing this again, differ?

Introduce according to personnel of technology of YKKAP China company, the aluminium alloy that break the bridge basically is join nylon PA66 heat insolation through be in profile, the air that holds back room inside and outside undertakes heating up exchange, its heat up conductibility door window should reduce can commonner than be not the bridge aluminium alloy 40%~70% . In winter, contain heat insolation window frame can reduce the 1/3 quantity of heat that passes window frame be lost, and more wants in loss of energy of summertime institute reductive.
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