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Building materials price is climbed rise not to change household to consume upsu
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Building materials price is climbed rise not to change household to consume upsurge

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Report from our correspondent (reporter Chen Quanwu) this year 1 to October, house of all sorts of value of building materials product do not leave market of our city building materials high, live kind of price accumulative total rise 2. 8 % , among them, build room and adornment material to rise 2. 7 % , oneself housing rises in price 5. 6 % . Nevertheless, our city townsman decreases household to consume defray without tone, townsman average per capita lives kind of spending expenses 941. 28 yuan, grow 38 compared to the same period. 64 % .

Dweller housing is a main index that measures comparatively well-off level. Of the development as economy and income increase and nearly 2 years of citizens are fried in big ox city, bought fund to earn many money. They throw capital gladlier to decorate new home, with old change new, with small change big dweller to increase ceaselessly. As we have learned, our city urban district is ceaseless eastwards side is patulous, have 10 owner of the many consign after Lou Panxian is decorated. This year since second half of the year, although value of product of building materials adornment is strong, but they are without the money in miserly hand, when choose building materials or adorning a product, of the choice is product of high name tag, whenever on the weekend, the crowd in an endless stream of product of building materials of choose and buy of market of building materials of road of market of market of new Fujian lumber, building materials of city of plan star pottery and porcelain, high mountain, construction. The reporter sees crock of ceramic tile of high-grade Wei Yu, famous brand, bath can be found everywhere from these building materials markets. According to market of urban new blessing one agency introduces, value of building materials product rises on average considerably this year, but sale also increases 2 into many. A wooden floor dealer tells a reporter, get raw material the effect that in short supply, exit removes tax rate to move low, country to collect duty of real wood floor and market competition, wooden floor can come through organizing an activity only sales promotion, in order to increase sales volume. In market of new Fujian lumber, gathered many 100 well-known trademark, there is adornment around pipe fitting of material of coating of electric materials and appliances of curtain of company, building materials, furniture, lamp act the role ofing, cloth art, floor, metals, paint, canal, ambry, the citizen basically can enjoy domestic outfit to design building materials, furniture, home act the role ofing to wait one-stop those who shop is convenient.

Guangdong star art controller of company of luxuriant v/arc a person's status tells adornment limited company the reporter, consumption of our city current housing is being become draw the dominant power that uses a dweller to consume a structure to upgrade, promoted living adornment consumption, family to be able to bear or endure things changes; The citizen is taller and taller also to living in the requirement of environment and establishment, every flatlet spends owner of illuminative of 100 thousand above to be able to be found everywhere. New owner pays close attention to live easy is moderately more, go up in housing adornment and domestic articles for use more be willing to part with or use spends money.
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