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Set special fund to aid " ban solid " a helping hand
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Set special fund to aid " ban solid " a helping hand

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: Have media coverage, " 3 inferior special fund collects data of body of city new-style wall and use administrative method " came on stage a few days ago. Method sets, construction project is before start working, construction unit must press building construction general layout, prepay of office of innovation of material of body of wall reaching city is special fund, every square metre 8 yuan; Inconvenience calculates floor area, by predict to measure pay with the brick, the standard is every brick 0.05 yuan. After special fund collects body data first, new-style wall is returned. Before building an unit to whitewash in the project, by purchase certificate of data of new-style wall body, return prepay by the scale that uses data of new-style wall body actually special fund. Below 3 kinds of circumstances, fund does not grant to return: Use new-style material to occupy scale of gross of wall body material to be less than of 60% , unit of the construction before checking and accept already was over to be blocked group by group, use product of material of body of unqualified new-style wall.

2005, the State Council was given out advance wall body to material is innovated and popularize energy-saving architectural announcement further, brick of sincere of requirement taboo clay, in build, rebuild, the construction project of extend should use material of new-style wall body to spread material of new-style wall body entirely. Each district also published relevant policy in succession, begin “ to ban solid ” work. But because a variety of reasons are produced,ban repeatedly with the phenomenon of brick of use clay sincere more than. Among them, cost is low, low-cost it is one of difficult problem that material of new-style wall body replaces clay sincere brick to be faced with hard, also be one of main reasons that generator of material of new-style wall body is in inferior position in competition.

Material of new-style wall body is special the expropriation of fund, increasing cost of use sincere brick and risk while, the producer that gives new-style wall body data created favorable competitive environment, conduce to the position of the inferior position in changing its to compete in the market, make material of new-style wall body not only content beautiful and valence cheap, replace clay brick stage by stage. Additional, the wall that closes beforehand changes fund to divide according to outside using scale actually to return, still can use at be opposite to introduce, build, the extend, pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange that transforms project of project of product line of material of new-style wall body, demonstrative project of material of new-style wall body and promotion use the subsidy of pilot project, the scientific research of material of new-style wall body, new technology and new product development and promotion, with one action of it may be said is much.
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