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Design division special report: The village in the city transforms stylist to fa
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Design division special report: The village in the city transforms stylist to face new task

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Future should finish the urban district 3 years inside time the target that the village in 49 cities transforms the task, not only for the city development extends new space, the development of stimulative real estate, also built stylist to bring new task to the city at the same time. Power sea city builds Sun Aina of director of institute of program of landscape of designing institute limited company to expressed to the reporter recently, of the village in the city transform, make urban function, property, space and corporeal configuration produce tremendous change subsequently.

Here, the focus of the design is centered on new urban space, more humanitarian consideration concepts should be blended in in the design, ensure transform the job not to take a pity, ensure villager of the village in the city transfers smoothly for new citizen.

Sun Aina tells a reporter, since the village in the city transforms a project to start, town building designing institute already participated in power sea to include east of the village in ten cities such as island of bamboo of road junction of waterlogged stage, god, north transform a program to design the job, transform a design through participating in these, she thinks new urban space feature should close to be united in wedlock with open look, it is functional become divided, compound with pursuit efficient, it is human nature is changed, be changed naturally and of integration. She discovers two problems to need to cause development to transform unit and the attention that design a section, the participation that passes stylist offers perfect solution.

The first problem is like “ why to withhold the sort of original harmonious neighborhood to feel in new living space namely. ” Sun Aina says, disappear when bungalow, a high-rise unpluggingly and case, the new building with villager capacious and bright ingoing when, ambulate each other between the sort of neighborhood so, drink tea to chat the planar living mode of be in harmony of its Le Rong also disappears from now on, for generations lives in the villager over there to produce a kind of lose inevitably to feel, if this one problem is solved bad, cause new social contradiction likely. Generalizing the economic mode with “ best city incisively with respect to the relation of person and city because of heart of sociologist awn blessing is ” of care person, edify person.

If say the first problem is of mental level, so of the corporeal level that the 2nd problem that Sun Aina cares is villager of the village in mattering to a city live problem. Villager of the village in the city exists in the age and respect of intellectual administrative levels clear weak sign, want to blend in city life quickly to need the course of a successive. Sun Aina says, a lot of villagers that live in bungalow so are OK many house oneself is rental, earn considerable hire, some regards important domestic economy as origin this even. After moving a building, on one hand the life cost such as property management, water, report, gas raised, and original economic origin was done not have however, the life of a few villagers is potential at this point get into trouble.
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