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The boat business square of fill sea of clouds
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The boat business square of fill sea of clouds

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: This project is located in the ave in connecting county of cloud of fill of cloud harbor city to arrive saline river on the west between the road, the county reachs south department store, north comes to always arrange alley, this plot is small commodities market now, commercial atmosphere is grumous, belong to commerce flourishing area, and plot east the castellan that face a county wants river course - saline river, condition of circumjacent environment foundation is better.

This plan uses person car billabong on total position, in plot south set one traffic lane, in order to satisfy freight demand and fire control requirement, the recreational space that provides a security shops to interior in the meantime. In in the ave sets a person to go advocate the entrance, advocate the entrance sets corridor of built on stilts, with period the space is current, also stress the central position of the entrance. The river that face salt on the west road and always arrange alley mouth to set square of one small-sized and recreational entrance, in the corner processing of point focal point builds image, set two tall arc colonnade, recreation comes before attracting broad citizen, interior shopping space is by cent one big one small two court, become independent relatively already, have connection again. Southern small court is local set daylighting ceiling. Photograph of shopping square of “ line ” business street and shape of “ face ” is united in wedlock, build rich, abound the shopping environment of individual character. In the southeast of plot horn sets office entrance, make office stream of people relatively independent. In provenance of plot southwest protruding, set logistics to jockey area, solve in-house van park to reach shop jockey.

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