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Area of F of Beijing sun city 8 buildings
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Area of F of Beijing sun city 8 buildings

Origin: Author: Time: 2008-10-24Tag: Click: 8 buildings are located in area of F of sun star city horn of F area northwest, crossroad corner is in, cover an area of a face to accumulate 8000 square metre, total floor area is 48000 square metre about, introduce double tower model, on the ground 24, among them group room 3, underground 2, among them underground is a garage one layer, underground uses a room 2 layers for equipment, the building makes an appointment with 100 meters highly.
Double tower introduced honest system model, stagger with street parallel the power that arranges encircle to crossed corner, avoided a high level street to corner brought depressive sense. Come so, make square has two pointed horn to face street, face a city, according to geomantic theory, this kind of configuration is narrow, with person not to be pooh-poohed, destroy urban structure and urban space, of affront neighborhood amiable, go against the development of oneself. Then this plan decorates two traffic nucleus be in in quadrate horn, and will among them one turns 45 degrees of horn make front length a border street, face a city.

As a result of the limitation of this plan area and number of plies, make the building appears relative mound fact is not forceful, to avoid this flaw, building body as far as possible concise and lively, not messy, use one glass board lap the building partly, traffic nucleus rushs to uproot high, enhanced architectural whole sex and pure sense, and two tower mutual echo, each other is symmetrical, present the mark sex that gives a form to make a village to build.
2.Intelligence is changed change with zoology
Design of double tower architectural is changed for intelligence and zoology is changed offerred sufficient space and possibility. Change the need of office building to get used to intelligence, office building layer is 3.9 meters tall, with at floor of built on stilts agile wiring, reach decorate condole to carry a space on the head.
The orgnaization such as the automation management center of the center of fire control control that building design considers to there is intelligence to change in ground floor, security center, building.
Be in the coping of group of rooms and tower designed roof garden, the human nature that this is special zoology changes a space, also be very significant city space, there is one glass tip on the roof garden of tower, more the climate condition that gets used to north.
3.Development has change
This plan falls in the situation with double tower same structure, offerred two kinds of mode such as office, hotel, office to use the dimensional form of big the standard width of a room in an old-style house, and the form that hotel used atrium, make each is in his proper place of two kinds of mode, form the dimensional pattern that has distinguishing feature each, and get used to the development of the requirement of owner and times and change.
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