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The design is big alligator head is pushed " bound " concept
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The design is big alligator head is pushed " bound " concept

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Recently, auspicious thing protects bath company more assist the design of “ bound ” that do shares forum to be in Guangzhou the faith guild hall of the bank of Pearl River is held. This the activity serves as the mainstream of week of Guangzhou international design distributed forum item 2007, put forward “ bound ” to devise an idea in home first, and be mixed home by the intense attention of numerous and famous stylist participate in, include Huanali to be versed in the university builds contented of design academy assistant dean to most, Xin Rui comes to the celebrity of group of the 500 designs outside Yu Weizhong such as 07iF large award and Wei Wenxiang of gainer of award of red dot concept to the spot, design a concept to undertake thorough communication is shared with respect to “ bound ” jointly. Forum did not come with “ respectively concept, design diversity, character brand is changed, 4 main topic for discussions undertook ” of medium change life outspread.

In the light of this second forum “ of first topic for discussion did not come notional ” , wei Wenxiang of design inspector general of auspicious trouble much firm is special point out, prospective design emphasizes accomplish contracted style the biggest change, best model is shown in the simplest line, get used to the most complex function space, the diversity that reflects design style thereby and the life to consumer are shown loving care for. Design the appearance of diversity ” about “ , shu Yong of author of sale of Chinese behavior art thinks, the design of diversity let a person be full of an illusion like hubble-bubble, but the design is easy and undone anything but. He thinks to design diversity to behave the diversity that is design requirement and the diversity that design thinking finally, it is the brim no matter changing still is synthesization, it is a kind of way that we explore to future. Change the topic for discussion of ” around “ character brand, auspicious thing defended bath CEO Liang Weiwen to advance brand innovation idea more, in adding all elements such as humanitarian, science and technology, environmental protection, vogue, art products plan, if the bound, engraft that designs with racing bike when the design is crossed in conceptual when the design,wait. Finally " • of ceremony of Upper Class Style annals " chief editor Ma Xiaoqiang designs nowhere to be absent from “ , the design boasts the angle of lifestyle ” elaborated media to affect the value of the life.

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